The V50 Makes it 2 from 3 features!

Azza - Round 3

Clean starts at Southern 500 Speedway seem to be hard to come by. After last year’s Speedweek round producing carnage in the feature this year was a little kinder but the track did take a couple of sacrifices. Patrick Merrett was sent packing back to SA with a bent chassis in the SA64 and finished his Speedweek not the way he set out to.
The heats played out like this…
SA71 Lockie Cates got his first heat win in the bank in heat one. Heat two, none other than A1 Dylan Willsher took the flag. With heat three going to the older Sinclair brother in the V95 machine Dale. Angelo Karoussis took another heat win for the South Aussies in the SA27. James Aranyosi no stranger to crossing the line in P1 did just that in heat five. V31 Chris Bellman rounded out the heat winners looking the goods going into the features.
The B main saw Brooke Buckingham V18 take the chequered followed by V21 Lee Hardess with both taking the first two transfer spots. Others that snuck into the back of the feature were SA64, V15, SA33, Q96.
The A main started out in typical Portland fashion seeing carnage on the first lap with Owen Milton sit the V53 perfectly up on its tail tank and stay there while safety crew attended and amazed on lookers by continuing the race.
Aranyosi continued his reign from the night before making it two from three rounds, cementing why he is a favourite! Symons V70 machine was home in second place with some consistent results. Chris Bellman finally shook off the gremlins and got his first podium of the week in the V31. Angelo Karoussis crossing in 4th place to round out the top four! Grant Stansfield was also a standout coming from 15th in the B main up to a solid midfield A-main finish on a tough to pass track.
Next Stop Hamilton and she’s going to be a scorcher!

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