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Round Winners

Round 4 was brought to us by South West Conveyancing. Many thanks for their continued support of the series. It was set to be a great evening with the pits full of both Formula 500s and Sprintcars! What better way to spend new years day? The hills were jam packed, and the fans were screaming! What an atmosphere!

Heat 1 saw Mathew Symons jump to the lead in front of Andrew Priolo, Priolo took chase and in a late charge as they met lap traffic nearly took the lead. Symons managed to take the win by a close 00.124, what a start to the night!

Heat 2 Saw Aranyosi & Hardess off the front row as they approached the line the two set off, for what was a fast heat race, Angelo Karoussis moved his way up to second place, closely followed by accomplished racer Lee Hardess.

Lethal Leigh Vanginneken was your third heat race winner, taking the checkers over Chris Bellman by a narrow 00.343. Closely followed by eventual second place in the feature event Dylan Willsher. Vanginneken showed great class getting himself back where he wants to be and that is at the front of the pack!

After a short break in proceedings while the sprintcars time trialled, we were back out for heat 4, this time it was Dylan Willsher who took the victory, but after an official calling of jumping the start he was relegated two spots back to third. This elevated the Western Australian Mark House to first, closely followed by series supporter Trevor Cotterill.

Heat 5 saw Dale Shilleto take the lead over fellow Queenslander Cody Maroske. With another relegation from the officials, the PBI Sprocket entry of Matt Coates elevated to second position, and Maroskee taking the third place points.

Heat 6 saw the V48 of Ryan O’keefe take the lead from green to checker, closely followed by Dion Bellman and Tyler Owen. O’keefe showed poise and class as he eventually won by 00.051 of a second.

A full line up of cars for the C Main saw Jarrod Bampfield in a league of his own, winning the race by over 3 seconds! The transfers into the B Main are as follows: Bampfield, Munn, Merrett, Bowen, Milton and Stell.

Another full field of cars saw 15 laps of hard racing, with the unfortunate event of a red light the V52 entry of Shane Van Duynhoven was taken in the ambulance for observation. All reports now show that he is fine after a hard hit. It was Trevor Cotterill who took the lead by half a second over Symons. The two were out in front by over 2 seconds with Hardess, Bell, Coates and Rankin quickly to follow making up the transfer positions.

The A Main saw a pair of Edge Chassis off the front row in Aranyosi and Willsher. The second row saw local racer Tyler Owen alongside the Western Australian Entry of Mark House. The feature event for the Formula 500’s ran from green to checker, coincidently it was the same as last years race! Aranyosi took off and had the lead for the beginning of the race, once the lap traffic came, it was Willsher who quickly gained, making numerous attempts at a pass. Aranyosi managed to hold him off. Lethal Leigh worked his was up to take fourth place on the podium, a well earned result for the team who have worked tirelessly this week. Tyler Owen found himself in third place, after a testing week so far, it was a great result for him and the team. After winning the Jack Willsher Cup, we all knew Dylan would be close, as he came in a narrow second place by 00.601 seconds. The top spot, as it did in the Warnambool round last year went to Aranyosi who was ecstatic with the win, after a tough round a portland on the previous night.

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